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Saturday, August 29, 2009


Great video Takin it to the steets ministry

Pastor Lafleur's contribution for the week
Go to Hell : From The Theologian’s Corner
Sorry Clafleur but your video message today kicks ass!! Watch it people.

Think you cant end up in hell? Guess again. Hell does exist, and we need to examine why so many Christians have gotten away from the conclusion of why the Bible teaches everything it does.
Published by clafleur in Christianity on August 29, 2009 | 8 responses

This is a day and time when Christians, and non believers have proved that we live in an ungodly nation filled with disobedient people. These people scoff at the decrees and wisdom God has set forth for our benefit as his subjects. We have only one purpose in this precious life we have been given, and that is to serve the Lord. Make no mistake, God does not run a liberal representative republic. He has not asked for our opinions on what we think is applicable or practical in his word. God is no respecter of persons, and his system of government is that of a dictator. Do what your told, or suffer the consequences. The scripture reference for those who are skeptical is Romans 1:18, “The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness, since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them.” Take heed to why I am preaching to you. If as a gospel preacher I don’t believe in hell, then there is no reason to preach. This scripture is the precursor to why God has dispatched preachers since the time of Paul the Apostle to echo this warning. Ignore it if you shall.
Read more in Christianity

Do Good People Go to Hell?

Salvation is not something you cant earn. There are plenty of people who hang their eternal state on what good deeds they have performed. Some believe they can do acts of charity, or just live a life that is not disruptive to society, and this qualifies them for an afterlife of fellowship with our Lord Jesus Christ. This is far from the truth, and the Bible teaches the opposite. Ephesians 2:8-9 NLT states, “God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God. Salvation is not a reward for the good things we have done, so none of us can boast about it. I am sorry to burst your bubble, but it is true what they say about the truth setting you free. If you belong to a Christian denomination that has you performing acts of service as a form of securing your spot in heaven, re-evaluate your choice of worship based on the scripture I provided. God freely gives us this salvation, and we don’t deserve it based on our behavior. As a parent you would not reward your child if they disobey your rules, but occasionally you might give them another task to redeem themselves worthy of another chance. This is what God has given us through Christ. Do good people go to eternal punishment? Hell yes they do. God laid down some foundations early on in the old testament scriptures. There are 10 commandments to point man in the direction to realize they need a savior, and cannot do it alone. The ten commandments are obvious, due to the fact that most societies, which have a population of the three major religions of the world, have some form of this theology in their community rules. You can take notice or not. Our attempts in history to live under this guideline proved fruitless, because we have a sinful nature which is the bi-product of this flesh. Let me refer you to Romans 6:23, “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life.” From the beginning, God has given man a path back to fellowship with him. To miss this precious opportunity is taking an extreme chance on eternity. If you don’t believe in hell, then what is the purpose of any religion?

Hell Is Real

The Bible speaks often about hell in the new testament. Jesus spoke the most about it, because as Lord he new first hand. He understood why he was sent, and who he was sent to redeem. One story in the scripture is the rich man and Lazarus. It can be found in Luke 16:19. You will find a man who had everything in life and was unconcerned with the poor. His status was revealed based on the mention of him wearing purple clothes which was a sign of elegance in that time period. He died and opened his eyes on the other side, and didn’t like the outcome. Take notice that he was totally conscious of all his senses. If you have read the story, you will find he was in torments, and it is plural, meaning many torments. He opened his eyes, so we know he could see. He made mention of being in torments in this fire, meaning he could feel the heat. He also could taste, because he asked father Abraham to allow Lazarus to dip his finger in water, and cool the tip of his tongue. And finally, he had feelings because he requested a message be sent to his brothers who were still alive and sinning so they wouldn’t end up with him. Father Abraham wouldn’t hear it. Once you are there, the judgement is already cast, and there is no appeals.

In Final

This could very well had been a book, but it is much more important for readers to examine their hearts, and evaluate their situations on an individual basis. but this is like a cliff note, short and to the point. Let me state for the record, I have no heaven or hell to put anyone in. The judgement of men is up to Christ and is based on his decrees. He has the final say, but you have the final act. 2 Cor 13:5 states for the conclusion, Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves. Do you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you—unless, of course, you fail the test? Have you failed the test? Do you have any faith? Have you considered whether or not you are a hell bound sinner? Just a few things to consider in final.

Here's my contribution this week, I write more than just sports you know......

God is with Us
Bo Jack Russo on Nov 27, 2008

* Tags: eternity, God, jesus, love, prayer

Sense of God around us.

Where is God? What, are you kidding me?
Where is God
Just take a look around
God is up above
God is on the ground
God is in the air
And everywhere we see
God is inside you
And God is inside me
It was He that poured the water
And He that made the tree
God is uncontested
For all Eternity
God is in the birds
God is in the bees
God is in the giant mountain
That everybody sees
God’s Face is in the clouds
We see high above
Was God that gave us life
And God that gives us love
He’s The Man upstairs
The one who had the plan
He built his house upon the rock
And not upon the sand
God gave us the light
And God keeps us from harm
Jesus sits beside Him
With hand on His right arm
God will always be here
Will never go away
Walking right beside us
Each and every day
It is God who is the captain
The Captain of the ship
Navigating you at home
Or when you’re on a trip
Almighty God in Heaven
Sits upon His throne
But is also right beside us
We are not alone
It was God who made the night
And God that made the day
His ear is always open
All we have to do is pray


Warning: This is pretty grisly, parental guidance may be necessary.

Here's another news story for you, written by me a while back.
Body Discovered in East San Diego County Park
Published by Bo Jack Russo on February 11, 2009 in USA & Canada
Tags: ants, blood, boys, carotid artery, Grisly, gruesome, handsaw, maggots, park, power drill, screwdriver

A boy went missing a couple of weeks ago, running from police and gang related drug violence.

The Sheriff’s Department made a grisly discovery of a boy’s body in a remote city park in the East County Saturday. Authorities have not released the name of the victim due to an ongoing investigation, they did release some details, however, and believe it may be the 14yr.old gone missing two weeks earlier.

The police were looking for the boy to take him into protective custody, an alleged drug dealer and documented gang member. Rival gangs and dealers were reportedly looking for the suspect with plans to murder him. His aunt, whom he had stayed with from time to time, notified authorities of the death threats, hoping to be able to protect him. He was afraid to go to jail because he feared a rival or even a fellow gang member might make an attempt on his life; assuming he was in custody to turn evidence, so he decided to run on the street.
Read more in USA & Canada

The confusion was weather or not this was the work of a serial killer or a gang hit. The overwhelming evidence and cruel demeanor of the crime pointed to a homicidal maniac, not a gang execution.

The gruesome scene was discovered by two boys riding BMX bikes down to the little used park.

They smelled an horrific stench coming from two green trash bags, surrounded by ant trails and maggots next to a Parks and Recreation Department trash can, about twenty yards from a bloody picnic table

They also found various cordless power tools, a potato/carrot slicer, a short handled 12 pound sledge hammer, a hand rip saw, and other items.

An autopsy revealed evidence of a sexual assault, due to a latex condom lubricant in the child’s anus. The deputies that responded to the sight both became very ill.

In one of the bags was the ankles and feet, severed from the rest of the leg, verified by the coroner that this occurred when the child was still alive, with the hand saw. Dr. John Casey also verified three sections (on each leg) had been severed and cauterized one at a time and sawed with a cordless power saw. The saw was not found.

Inside the other bag was the remains of the remains of the horribly disfigured boy. The legs had the skin peeled off from the top of the legs to the knees where the last cuts had been made. Cat litter and salt had been poured on and scraped into the wounds. His spine was snapped in half at the eleventh vertebrae.

The right jaw had been broken in two places, and several teeth had become lodged in the throat. The left side of the face was fractured and crushed and a rusted Buck knife had been forced and beaten through the left eyeball and forced into the eye socked, cracking it. An ice pick had been pushed into the right eye socket, but the eyeball had been plucked out and was hanging by the optical nerve on the outside of the face.

There was also a screwdriver lodged into the top of the skull, and the carotid artery
and the neck bone were severed also. The only thing holding the head to the body was a thick patch of skin on the back of the neck.

The victims mouth had been duct taped closed, perhaps muffling the screams. Also at the scene was a Craftsman
heavy duty model 1347 5/8” drill motor with a half inch bit in it matching puncture holes in the victims chest,
puncturing both lungs. Authorities are still combing the scene and surrounding area for any more possible clues, and have warned the public a maniac may be about.

The only fingerprints found at the scene matched that of the victim. Deputies are on full alert but have no idea who or what they might be looking for.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


More hot chicks sports scores & another Bo Jack original story below called arrogant people suck.........enjoy and pleas view the hot chicks responsibly.....
I want to let everyone know I'm working on a third column soon and when I get it done I can feature much more info and less links so please bear with me, changes are coming soon!! I always deliver so stick it out...........Remember Bo Jack there is no substitute!!






NOT HOT!! Looks Like Brad O'Neill!!

HOTT CHICK HILARY SWANK!! Oh yeah we like that!!

Arrogant People Suck

This is an older piece I wrote when I was just starting out, hope you enjoy it.
Arrogant People Suck
Bo Jack Russo on Nov 27, 2008

Bringing the self proclaimed great back down to earth.

Can you walk on water?
I don’t think you can,
Not until you pass
And walk with Jesus
Hand in hand,
No different from the rest
Just like an ordinary man.
You see yourself up high
With pretense all abound
You imagine you are better
Than us here on the ground,
You try to sit in judgment
Who anointed you with crown?
Why do you profess
Some sort of royalty?
Who the hell are you
To sit in judgment over me?
You talk like you’ve got power
Of God’s Eternity.
But you do not control me
Or anything I do
Don’t worry about me
You worry about you.
When your finger points at me
Three point back at you
In the mirror of this vision
The reflection
Is what’s true.
You preach a double standard
And I know the reason why
You imagine your self greatness
And pronounce yourself on High.
You paint a different picture
That is just a lie.
To hear you tell your story
You’d sit next to The Throne
You act like God Almighty
But you’re just flesh and bone.
As you look at that reflection
You will finally see
The person in the mirror
Is certainly not me.
I will never understand
Why you cannot see
The reflection of yourself
When you point at me.
So take a cleansing breath
Open up your eyes
And see with clarity,
That you aren’t any better,
Aren’t any better than me

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Natalie Portman...can't get any hotter than that!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


This guy was a mountain of a man and a childhood hero of mine. I loved Dave Winfield who looked like he was chopping down a tree with every swing but Willie was the one who muscled them over the 27 foot high fence at San Diego Stadium when I was a little boy. #44 was also worn by Hammerin' Hank, another hero of mine and the first number I ever wore on a football jersey.

SEASON ▲ TEAM ▲ G ▲ AB ▲ R ▲ H ▲ TB ▲ 2B ▲ 3B ▲ HR ▲ RBI ▲ BB ▲ IBB ▲ SO ▲ SB ▲ CS ▲ AVG ▲ OBP ▲ SLG ▲ OPS ▲ GO/AO ▲ sequence ▲ team_id ▲
1959 SF 52 192 32 68 126 9 5 13 38 22 1 35 2 0 .354 .429 .656 1.085 1 137
1960 SF 101 260 37 62 122 15 3 13 51 45 4 53 1 1 .238 .349 .469 .818 1 137
1961 SF 106 328 59 89 161 12 3 18 50 37 3 60 1 2 .271 .350 .491 .841 1 137
1962 SF 91 229 41 67 135 6 1 20 54 29 1 35 3 3 .293 .368 .590 .957 1 137
1963 SF 152 564 103 158 319 19 5 44 102 50 5 119 1 1 .280 .350 .566 .915 1 137
1964 SF 130 364 55 80 150 14 1 18 54 61 5 73 2 1 .220 .336 .412 .748 1 137
1965 SF 160 540 93 149 291 17 4 39 92 88 5 118 0 4 .276 .381 .539 .920 1 137
1966 SF 150 502 85 148 294 26 6 36 96 76 10 100 2 1 .295 .391 .586 .977 1 137
1967 SF 135 456 73 126 244 17 4 31 91 71 17 110 3 3 .276 .378 .535 .913 1 137
1968 SF 148 523 81 153 285 16 4 36 105 72 20 71 4 2 .293 .378 .545 .923 1 137
1969 SF 149 491 101 157 322 26 2 45 126 121 45 66 0 0 .320 .453 .656 1.108 1 137
1970 SF 152 495 98 143 303 39 2 39 126 137 40 75 0 0 .289 .444 .612 1.056 1 137
1971 SF 105 329 45 91 158 13 0 18 70 64 21 57 0 2 .277 .396 .480 .876 1 137
1972 SF 81 263 30 56 106 8 0 14 35 38 5 45 0 0 .213 .316 .403 .719 1 137
1973 SF 130 383 52 102 209 14 3 29 75 105 25 78 1 0 .266 .420 .546 .966 1 137
1974 SD 128 344 53 87 174 19 1 22 63 96 9 76 1 0 .253 .416 .506 .922 1 135
1975 SD 122 413 43 104 190 17 0 23 68 57 8 80 1 0 .252 .345 .460 .805 1 135
1976 OAK 11 24 0 5 5 0 0 0 0 3 1 4 0 0 .208 .296 .208 .505 1 133
1976 SD 71 202 20 41 71 9 0 7 36 21 7 39 0 0 .203 .281 .351 .633 2 135
1977 SF 141 478 54 134 239 21 0 28 86 67 16 106 3 0 .280 .367 .500 .867 1 137
1978 SF 108 351 32 80 139 19 2 12 64 36 8 57 1 0 .228 .298 .396 .694 1 137
1979 SF 117 353 34 88 142 9 0 15 57 36 2 70 0 2 .249 .318 .402 .720 1 137
1980 SF 48 113 8 23 34 8 0 1 16 13 2 23 0 0 .204 .285 .301 .586 1 137
1976 [+] 82 226 20 46 76 9 0 7 36 24 8 43 0 0 .204 .283 .336 .619
CAREER 2588 8197 1229 2211 4219 353 46 521 1555 1345 260 1550 26 22 .270 .374 .515 .889
Game Log
Batter vs. Pitcher
Hitter Chart
2,211 career hits, not bad for a power hitter, 521 home runs speaks for itself. Stretch was his nickname for his long arms. Six time NL all star. Always a fan favorite.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Shelly Barclay HOTT CHICK!!

Shelly Looking good in a wedding dress!!


Shelly Barclay, Hot Chick held for randsome!!

A story by Shelly Barclay,hot chick and author.
Royal Insanity

History is rife with tales of monarchs and royalty who suffered from insanity. Although it may be more appropriate to say that their people suffered from their insanity. In some cases it is difficult to tell if these leaders' actions were truly the result of insanity or if events were sensationalized. It also seems that accusations of insanity were often used to overthrow royalty. Nonetheless, there are cases in which a member of a royal family has been irrefutably insane.

The following men represent very different examples of insanity. Some were cruel and vicious, while others were frightened shut ins. The matter of their insanity really depends on how you define insanity.

King Charles IV of France

King Charles IV was crowned King of France in 1380 when he was only eleven years old. Apparently he was a good king before insanity took over, because he was originally known as Charles the Well-Loved. It later became evident that he was insane, so his moniker was changed to Charles the Mad.

Accounts of the king's first fit of madness state that King Charles IV became agitated at the sound of a dropped spear while traveling with his men. He then murdered one of his own knights and reportedly a few other men, though accounts vary. After this incident the king fell into a coma.

The symptoms of the king's insanity progressed in later years and were much varied. There were times when King Charles IV did not know who he was and could not recognize his wife and children. Several months of his life were marked by his refusal to bathe. He even spent some time under the impression that he was made of glass. King Charles IV of France died a madman in 1422.

King Ludwig II of Bavaria

Ludwig II became king of Bavaria in 1864. During his reign, Ludwig II spent all of his personal funds on the construction of fairy tale castles. He was painfully shy and ill-equipped for his duties as king. He spent hardly any time governing his people and had a strong aversion to public appearances.

In 1866 Ludwig was accused of being insane. Whether his eccentric behaviors were caused by insanity is unknown. The man who declared him insane had never examined him. He was deposed on the grounds of insanity at the request of his uncle, who may have wanted control of the government. The day after the king's deposition he was found dead in a pond, along with the very doctor who had declared him insane.

Ivan IV, Tsar of Russia

Ivan IV, or Ivan the Terrible, had a childhood that was scarred by the loss of both of his parents and abuse at the hands of the Russian government. After the death of his mother, when Ivan was seven, he was left to be tormented by the elite members of the Russian government. He was severely abused and mistreated by them in the very palace that was rightfully his. Abuse gave way to insanity and Ivan began venting his frustrations by torturing small animals.

In 1544, when Ivan IV was fourteen, he seized control of Russia by feeding the head of the government to a pack of dogs. After that it seemed that Ivan IV had changed his ways. He made a public confession of his cruel acts to his people by way of an apology. It only later became clear that he was dangerously insane.

Ivan IV was a very good Tsar in many ways. He created laws that were aimed toward class equality. However, when he began massacring his people he showed the same ignorance of class distinction. Ivan IV was also guilty of killing his oldest, and most beloved son by his own hand. You may or may not believe that acts of cruelty constitute insanity, but if you consider the likes of Hitler and Hussein to have been insane then Ivan the Terrible certainly was as well.

Prince Sado of Korea

Prince Sado was born in 1735 and was married nine years later. It is said that his father, the king of Korea, began hating his son when Sado was very young. Sado had a son of his own when he was seventeen. After the birth of his son, Sado became sick with the measles. He recovered from his illness, but it seemed to have triggered a deep-seated insanity that lurked within the prince. The king became even more disgusted with his son. The king was said to have washed out his mouth, cleaned his ears and changed his clothes whenever Sado talked to him.

Prince Sado's insanity first presented itself as nightmares and delusions. These episodes were soon followed by violent attacks. By 1757 Sado was physically abusing his servants and raping any woman who denied him. Sado murdered and raped on a whim. He even took to stalking his own sister.

The king eventually tired of the terror his son inflicted. The king ordered Sado into a rice chest, and the prince complied. The king then had the rice chest nailed shut. Sado spent eight days in it before he finally died. Perhaps the king's hatred contributed to Sado's insanity. Either way the cruel prince died a cruel death and in the king's eyes, justice was served.

Why so many royal men of old went insane is anybody's guess. It could have been the pressure of being forced into being a king. Maybe it was incest or poor medical care. Whatever the cause of thier insanity, it is certain that a number of nations have been ruled by madmen.


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