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Monday, September 28, 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009



Farting is Funny
Just breathing new life into an older piece I wrote sometime back, important info.

Published by Bo Jack Russo in Humor
December 4, 2008

Why farts are good for you; they are a necessary evil.

1) All kids think farts are funny.

2) Any man or boy, any age, no matter how old STILL thinks farts are funny.

3)Farts blow bubbles in the tub.

4)Variety of Farts.Long cheek rattling farts.Loud resonating farts.Slow painful farts.Moisture laden farts.

5)Farts stink, and that’s funny.

6)Farts feel good when you fart,even if you don’t admit it.

7) Just the word fart sounds funny, and flatulent sounds even funnier.

8)Farts are natural, and if you fart in the bank or the DMV people around you leave, and you get served faster.

9)Women sometimes fart accidentally when sleeping and we don’t tell them because it wouldn’t be as funny any more.
Read more in Humor
« Ouch, I Hurt My Weenis
The Top 12 Demotivators »

10)Farts are inappropriate almost any time, resulting in hypocritical humor whenever you fart.

11) The true science of methane gas. A fart really will blow a blue flame.(Granted I was 12 when I tried this with my brother, but it worked then)

12)When a kid farts in church in dead quiet, all the old people chuckle.

13)When an old man farts,nobody even ever says anything because they are old. That is funny in itself.

14)Farts as a warning signal. Farts are often a precursor to diarrhea, so they can save you from the embarrassment of shitting your pants.

15) If you can still fart,you are still alive, and as long as you are still alive, you still should be allowed to laugh. So laugh. Laugh at your fart.Now you see? Farts can save your life. So go fart everybody!!!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I wrote this sometime back I hate MF's that abuse children.

A waterfall is pure
It will not tell you lies
But if a tear is shed
It cries and cries and cries
The waterfall is hurting
But no one really sees
You can not see the forest
Due to all the trees
The water just keeps coming
Cascading over rock
The ambiance enticing
There is no need to talk.
The water just keeps pushing
It’s not going to stop
If I was an ancient miner
It’s here I’d set up shop.
This mountain boasts a vision
You simply have to see
This scene will never change,
Stand through eternity.
The salmon keep on swimming
Strong against the flow
Up through the rushing water,
Ignore the ebb and flow.
The water proves a service
To all the life around
Beginning from a trickle
From A rock that’s in the ground.
Now the water changes course
Drawing from a different source.
The child doesn’t say much,
It’s not easy to see
But there is something wrong
Between the water and the tree.
He does a good job hiding
The pain that he endures
Uses his imagination
To find a heal that cures.
The water keeps on rolling
And it will always be
The child feels so helpless
And lives in misery
The waterfall keeps pouring
But it does not appear
To be that tears are flowing
Each and every year.
Why does the parent do this
Hidden deep from view
But if you lift his shirt up,
You’ll see the black and blue.
He gets his best escape
Through books and poetry
This can not last forever
And one day he’ll be free.
The rock it just keeps bringing
The water from the ground
And we don’t see what’s underneath
Only beauty all around.
The boy is now a man
And he is doing well
He kept right on going
And escaped his living Hell.
When you watch the water rippling,
Smell jasmine in the air,
Remember you just might not see
Everything that’s there.

Monday, September 21, 2009



Click for full size picture.




Coach Norv Turner, Chargers head (up ass) coach.



Click the picture for fill size image.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

THE ABC'S OF LIFE By Poetic Angel

The Abc’s of Life
Poetic Angel on Jan 10, 2009
See more by PA below
Poetic Angel at Triond

Let’s recite the ABC’s….

Jump for joy
X out negativity
Zoom in positivity

Friday, September 18, 2009


My slight hiatus from the computer continues for yet another day, however Theresa Call was good enough to fill my void with something I'm also concerned with, child abuse up to the point of death. Make no mistake about it people if I'm not in their corner it doesn't make it in Bo Jack City. T.C. as I call her tackles this issue in the form of prose, why not?
This dear lady pulls no punches, you get it in the gut live and in your face. She's a proud member of the Bo Jack Train. To see more of her work, click below.
Theresa Call's profile at Triond
She writes on other sites but we'll get to that later. TC's own words below.....
I recently wrote an article about murderous moms in which I was not able to say just how truly disgusted the stories I read made me. This poem is my feelings when it comes to child abuse and child murders.

Who will protect the children

If it is not us?

What do you do, when it is the parent

that no one should trust?

If we do not protect the children,

then who the hell will?

Who’s to say that next time

the parent won’t kill?

The children are innocent

with hearts that know not of good and bad.

They should only have to think

about the fun to be had.

We as adults should protect the future

in which they are the key.

The responsibility is

up to you and me.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Life By Poetic Angel.
Poetic Angel writes about what she feels,she's a joy to chat with and has been writing at Triond about the same length of time as me,been here since Dec 8 2008. If you want to see more of her works click below. I'm posting it as she wrote it.
Poetic Angel at Triond.
This is a poem that tells of some of the things we deal with in life.

moods changing
lives rearranging
relationships going sour
hour after hour
crime being a major war
recession has begun to soar
hearts growing cold
prophecies unfold
different forms of abuse going wild
whether it’s a woman or a child
searching for peace and tranquility
having thoughts of past memories
wanting to lose yourself
and to be by yourself
in the fields of your true self
wishing for it to be over
like a drunk trying to get sober
feeling like this is not how it’s suppose to be
praying the prayer of serenity
God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and Wisdom to know the difference

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Jessica Alba

Scarlett Johannson

Amanda Bynes

Carmen Electra

Jessica Beil

Monday, September 14, 2009




HOTTIE Jordana Brewster, OH YEAH!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Saturday, September 5, 2009

BLIND FAITH by Stephen Ardent

This is a newcomer to my blog, Stephen, who gracefully offered his writing today and last week as well,but I had a full plate last week but i promised to get him in.

Blind Faith
by Stephen J. Ardent in Religion, August 4, 2009

An answer to the same-old-same-old questions that ask why a Christian can believe what they do. First, is faith blind?

I know I’m coming late to this party, but I think I can pull this off without treading to heavily on things already written.

Back in May REPuckett wrote an article entitled Top 50 Questions Christians Can’t Answer. And several people have done excellent jobs of responding with comments and articles.
Is Faith Blind?

Why is this always one of the first items brought up? Why is it the first insult to be hurled? And yes, it is an insult, even if it is an unwitting one. (I am in no way implying that REPuckett’s article was crafted to be an insult) I will show you how it’s an insult in just a moment.

* How can Christians accept things on blind faith?
* This is a logical fallacy called “begging the question.” This kind of “reasoning” is fallacious because simply assuming the conclusion inherent in a question to be true does not make it so.
* In order for this question to not be a display of bad reasoning, the questioner would first have to prove that faith was indeed blind. Good luck.

It fails the logic test. It assumes something not in evidence. It assumes that a believer has faith because of any of several factors -

* such as being raised that way
* being told to believe
* being afraid of hell
* being afraid of death
* being feeble-minded

And while some certainly may believe for those reasons, I have yet to see a study done by unbiased researchers that explores this.

Apparently the concept of having examined the evidence available, let alone that there is evidence available, and decided that belief is justified, just doesn’t fit into some people’s mindset. It puts an immediate divider between the questioner and the Christian. One that says that not only is my knowledge of the universe greater than yours, my reasoning ability is better than yours as well, because of course, they do not believe and you do. That’s the insult. Arrogance. Arrogance not based on anything tangible, but instead based solely on the fact that you believe. Based only on their self-estimation of their own accumulated knowledge and reasoning ability. As though the “choice” not to believe is based on anything tangible outside of their own desire not to believe.

I have read Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peale and Anthony Robbins. From them I gained insights into faith that I had never dreamed of before. Rather than chip a crack in my faith, they established the veracity of truly supernatural faith existing in the world firmly in my mind.

Combine the concept of faith with both quantum philosophy and quantum science, and faith - the will of the sentient being, seems to be an underlying foundation to the very nature of the universe and reality itself.

The “weird” quantum experiments that show, as in the case of one, the double slit study, that mere observation changes the outcome of a purely physical action.

And yet, no one disbelieves this. Even though both science, logic, and reason, say it cannot happen.

Faith is the benefit of the doubt I give to that which I do not understand based on the sufficient evidence of what I do know and understand.

More next time kiddies.







Spirit RED HOTT!!

Friday, September 4, 2009


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Today I'm featuring a new sports writer and I gripe about the Dodgers,the chicks will bring you in,our writing will bring you back. Bo Jack there is no substitute.





Country Hot!!


After I read this piece I felt it relevant to add a picture of Chad Johnson, a complete idiot in my book and an average receiver at best,I can't stand the guy, however kicking an extra point and a kickoff last week was impressive.....
I want to introduce to you David Crerand,he writes great short stories. We've only recently been introduced so I'm not sure how many sites he publishes for, but he's branching out and is tackling sports this go round,and this is his take on some modern athletes, enjoy, Bo.......
David Crerand's profile at Triond
The Arrogance of Athletes

Published on September 3, 2009 by David Crerand in Football

An exploration of arrogant misbehavior by today’s sports heroes.

The Arrogance of Athletes
By David Crerand
Well, after a long summer waiting for Brett to unretire, and waiting to see how much jail time Plaxico would get, and wondering who would be the next NFL star sidelined by scandal, we have finally limped through almost all of the pre-season games and stand on the brink of another season. But, I’m sorry to say, for me, it’s just not the same anymore. I used to get excited early, like May or June. I used to follow all the trades and negotiations and “developing stories” that lead up to that exciting transition from summer baseball games with their itinerant lazing in the summer heat, sunscreen lotion, and polite applause to the brisk days of autumn with its barbecue grills in the parking lot
, steaming breath in the chilly air and the painted faces of rabid, frothing football fans. But so much of that has all gone away for me now, and, sadly, I miss it. And regrettably, the players themselves have brought on the change.

When I was a kid heroes trod upon the athletic fields of this nation. Men of power, selfless devotion, unquestioned integrity and valor; so much valor. Unitas, Tittle, Huff, gladiators of impeccable merit. Nitchke, Page, Robustelli, warriors of ferocious tenacity. Starr, Staubach, Gifford, clean shaven leaders with the emotional comportment of eagle scouts. And what has this been replaced with? The self serving antics of Terrel Owens, the get out of jail and return to the NFL without skipping a beat of Michael Vick, possible assault charges against Oakland Raiders head coach Tom Cable for punching an assistant coach, where is the NFL fan’s gag reflex? How much more of this crap must we be expected to swallow in the name of ‘fanship’?

Sundays used to be my comfy chair, the remote control, cold beer, munchies, and every game I could get up until “60 Minutes” and my eventual nap. And then, of course, Monday Night Football and the inevitable struggle to get to work on time on Tuesday morning. And I believed it was not only worth it, it felt like a duty. It was part of my job to be there! But now it seems that my favorite game is renegotiating its contract with me, the fan, the guy who steadfastly stood by while salaries climbed to unbelievable heights, while inferior product was trotted out during labor disputes, while sportsmanship was eroded before my very eyes.

A lot of folks will make the excuse that during the olden days the press was more respectful of the players. They didn’t report a lot of the off-field antics, the drinking and carousing. They didn’t pry into the private lives of the players and expose their marital issues and bastard children and gambling habits. But, let’s be realistic folks, the police blotter is public record, the athletes, corrupted by their wealth and status, feel they deserve adulation and are exempt from criticism for the adolescent choices they make, and free agency has destroyed any link and/or allegiance between the players and the residents of the cities they play for.

It all started with the simple spike of the ball after a touchdown was scored. Harmless enough at first, but look at what it has evolved into. The end zone dances, the ‘Lambeau Leap’, back-flips, hip waggling that would make Elvis proud, cell phones hidden in goal posts, egotistical peacocks strutting their stuff like their trying to attract a mate for breeding. I mean really, do we need to sit through this posturing? And now, it has spread like a cancerous growth. Defensive lineman celebrate sacks, wide receivers celebrate each catch, cornerbacks celebrate interceptions or even just good coverage, linebackers celebrate tackles, running backs celebrate almost any positive gain of yardage, when does the water-boy get his chance? Forgive me for posing the question guys but, the last time I looked, all of these activities were simply part of your job description. You shouldn’t have the right to celebrate when all you’ve done is what is expected. I mean, when I write a really good sentence, all the verb tenses are correct, the punctuation is right and all the words are spelled correctly should I leap up from my desk and slam my keyboard into the floor and trot around slapping high five’s with the wife and kids?

I would ask the athletes to think for a moment. Think about the extravagance that the American love for sports has brought to them. Think about the average guy, sitting in the stands cheering for you while you make somewhere between four and five hundred times his salary. Think for a moment about the “thrill of victory and the agony of defeat” which is supposed to define athletic competition. Think of the millions and millions of fans who are mesmerized watching you play a game that they had played as children but had to give up because the realities of life beckoned to them. Think of sportsmanship and humility and then, get your head in the game and go out there and play with integrity. The true fans deserve that!

Thursday, September 3, 2009



Julia Roberts Hot Chick of the day!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This video song kicks ass!!
Click here; Stand by me (world wide version)

THE SAN DIEGO RAIN YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT!! Good info for outsiders....

Everyday SD river.......


The San Diego Rain You Don’t Know About
Published by Bo Jack Russo
February 17, 2009, Category: Meteorology

We get winter too, just not as extreme as some other places, but some parts of my city can be very dangerous.

My little spec on the map we call San Diego is known for it’s great climate, but many have never seen our winters here. No we don’t get all the snow like my Canadian friends or my many Ohio and Jersey friends.

But San Diego is unbelievably dangerous when foul weather hits. As anyone who has ever been here can attest, we have the most diverse landscape you can imagine.

Little old San Diego has beautiful but dangerous beaches, several mountain ranges and even desert, many canyons and gorges, and even rolling landscape in the area we call north county.

Our mountains get blanketed with snow as pretty as anywhere else, but the problem is that none of the city was designed for the winter. Once you get to the east county mountains, cars literally slide off the road in snow and ice conditions. Anyone who has visited Pine Valley knows of the famous Pine Valley Bridge. The bridge is over a mile long and several hundred feet in the air. It has been told that the contractors who built the bridge stated that all of the concrete used in that bridge could make a sidewalk all the way from downtown San Diego to downtown Yuma, Arizona. That is easily 200 miles each way.

Image by shmooth via Flickr
After you get past that, you drop straight down to the desert floor, with winds strong enough to blow an RV right off the road, and the grade is full of runaway truck ramps. I will admit, like many from my generation, I was a speed demon, and I couldn’t count the times I coasted well in excess of 100MPH heading to my beloved desert.

As I’ve told you before, much of San Diego is over an underground body of water, and the slightest rain causes the San Diego River to becoming fairly mellow to a raging beast of white water. When The San Diego Mission was built in 1769, they were probably the smartest engineers of all. They built Padre Dam because the grounds would get flooded during the slightest rain.

In Mission Valley, half of the area gets flooded and many try do drive through it, only to get stuck in the flooded areas or even caught in the flow sometimes, and every year we hear of rescues and drowning. The entire city of Santee gets submersed in water, as well as Lakeside.

Down to the south, the Tijuana river valley floods and kills animals and people every single year without fail. The Fashion Valley and My El Cajon are also halfway under water.

In January 1993, there was so much rain and water that there was nowhere in all of Lakeside where there wasn’t at least two inches of standing water. We have a little lake out there that has a gazebo about 12 feet high, and it was underwater at least halfway.

I remember one time in 1978, February it rained non-stop for 8straight days, day and night, and it was completely underwater.

As anyone in Nevada or Arizona knows, when the rain comes in the desert, it comes fast and it floods, and you better not be driving on sand because you will get stranded for hours.

Another interesting thing, we are not the city by the bay, San Francisco has that title, but we are the city with two bays, The San Diego Bay and Mission Bay. Mission Bay is nothing to brag about, it is in some parts stagnant and full of disease.

When the rain comes, it overflows into the Pacific Ocean, and pollutes it to unhealthy levels for days.

Image via Wikipedia

Many surfers live here and go in the water despite the warnings, and some develop serious bacterial infections. It is always recommended to stay out of the water but not against the law.

Many of you have probably heard of La Jolla, made famous by the Beach Boys, or the famous La Jolla cove. A remarkable thing of nature and rock formations.

That is one place the rain does incredible justice to. It has amazing and extremely unpredictable wave patterns, and many surfers and divers have been killed there during rainstorms. It has the strongest current of any of our beaches but the water can be deadly and sharks are occasionally seen there.

However, the hike down to the rocks can be one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life if you don’t slip
on the rocks. Another dangerous thing about it is nighttime when the shore rolls in, you can literally get stuck between rocks and have to swim to get out.

The only other place like that is a place we call Diamondhead in northern PB or Pacific Beach as you may know it. It has what we call shore break. The waves curl over you and break almost all the way to the beach and the under current is unbelievably strong for such small waves.

This is no winter wonderland but our mountains surely can be. If you want to visit this time of year, bring snow chains, and please drive carefully. I know many of you live in places with fantastic nature, but The Cuyamaca Mountains are a place where you can practically feel God Himself touching your shoulders.

Please, anyone who comes here, brave the rain and go see my San Diego River at Padre Dam, It is a sight to see. It starts in the Cuyamaca range and eventually ends at the Pacific Ocean. So far, the only Trionders I know who have been here are Joni, Christy and Pam, so pay us a visit, and as usual, you can have a free pass on the Bo Jack train. God Bless and be well, Matt.

Remember to take a ride on The Bo Jack Express


Hello everyone, this is a carry-over article from my Sunday blog format, I had several requests to post for people on Sunday and this one came to me Monday morning, had computer issues all day Monday so here it is now. Maranatha's profile at Triond.

The Importance of Reality Checks

I am a singer, first and foremost. I love poetry, I love to worship, I strive to live a life that honors God in every way that I can. I also love animals and sports and rock-climbing and being incredibly competitive. It can be an interesting mix! But singing is in my soul; and whenever my soul is out of sorts it is singing that brings me back where I need to be. So it’s not surprising that there are some really special songs that wrap me up. Here is one of those special songs:

The things that I love and hold dear to my heart

Are just borrowed, they’re not mine at all.

Jesus only let me use them to brighten my life –

So remind me, remind me, dear Lord.

Nothing good have I done to deserve God’s only Son

I’m not worthy of the scars on His hands.

Yet He chose the road to Calvary to die in my stead

Why He loves me I can’t understand.

Roll back the curtain of memory now and then

Show me what I used to be, and where I might have been

Remember, I’m human, and humans forget

So remind me, remind me dear Lord.

When I am doing pretty well, doing God’s will and striving to live a holy life, it is so easy to look around at other folks and be pleased with my performance. That’s where the trouble starts; for as long as I am really doing well, it’s not a performance. It’s a life choice, and it honors God. Even when I mess it up, which is often, it still honors God because my heart is right.

As soon as I start comparing myself to someone else, though, it becomes a performance. It is no longer God-honoring, it is self-serving. I am now honoring me. God may still be able to use what I do for good, but a lot of my effort is lost because my heart is not right at all. So now, not only am I self-serving, I am also ineffective. I’m just another busy person with nothing good to show for it.

That is why I love this song. There are times when God rolls back that curtain of memory; when I see, in my own life or someone else’s, where I used to be – or could have been - before God started changing me and making me the person He sees in me. I don’t much like that person any more, and have no wish to go down that road. Reality checks are more than good. They are necessary to continued growth. They keep us focused on where we are and who got us here. They keep life in perspective.

Next time things are going a little awry, just ask yourself: Is this a reality check? Read this song aloud, and see if your perspective comes back into line. Then thank God for rolling back the curtain of memory now and then.


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